Bread and Better

Bread and Better

Friday, 7 October 2016

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, which was held in Sefton park on the 17th and 18th September. I have been to a fair few food shows before, and have always been left a little disappointed with the choice of food and drink on offer. The shows always seem to be filled with stalls selling tacky gadgets and accessories that you would probably use once and then would be banished to the back of the cupboard with the apple corer and the magnetic toaster tongs. These type of events never quite match my appetite for exciting new cuisines to try, instead just offering over-priced burgers and soggy sandwiches that you could get down at your local supermarket .

This festival, however, couldn't haven been more different. There were so many interesting and unique food and drink options to choose from. From street food, to delicious bread and pastries, speciality gins and vodkas to BBQs and chocolate, every taste and curiosity was catered for.
What also made the festival stand out for me was that they were offering cooking classes for children. These classes were free to attend, and every child got to take home what they made. I thought this was an excellent way of teaching children valuable skills such as healthy eating, correct food preparation and general hygiene. A far cry from the cup cake decorating classes you usually get at these sort of events.

The weather really held out too, it was gloriously sunny and warm, which made the party atmosphere even more incredible.
Its safe to say I would definitely go again, in fact I am looking up tickets for the April festival now...

My highlights of the day were:
Food and fizz at Neon Jamon, which is already a firm favourite of mine.
The Pimms tent (always).
The GIANT caramel slice from Bold Street Coffee.
The gorgeous tea pots on display at Alison Appleton (she has a tea house on the edge of the park too, which I am desperate to visit).
The onion bread and pastries from The French Corner.
The free seeds Seeds Of Change were giving out, a great incentive to grown your own ingredients.

Fizz from Neon Jamon

Spanish Omelette, croquettes and olives from Neon Jamon

World's biggest caramel slice from Bold Street Coffee.

Best Bakewell tart ever

Free seeds from Seeds of Change

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