Bread and Better

Bread and Better

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate + more chocolate = best food ever.

For the Brownie:

100g dark chocolate
150g unsalted butter
3 large eggs, beaten
50g cocoa powder
30 self-raising flour
250g sugar

For the Chocolate Ganache:
100g dark chocolate
100ml double cream

Melt the chocolate and the butter together, set aside.
Mix the sugar, flour and cocoa powder together and then fold in the chocolate and butter.
Pour in the eggs and stir until combined.
Place the brownie mixture into a rectangular tin lined with grease-proof paper.
Bake at 160 degrees C for about 20 minutes. You are looking for the brownies to create sort of a crust on top, but still be soft in the middle. When the feel like they could do with an extra few minutes in the oven, that's when they are done. You want them to be sticky and moist in the middle, not dry like a cake.
Leave to cool.
Whilst the brownies are cooling, make the ganache.
Break the chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl.
Heat the cream until it just boils and then pour over the chocolate.
Stir until the chocolate melts and it becomes thick and glossy.
Once the brownies are cool enough, spread over the ganache. Cut and then serve!

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