Bread and Better

Bread and Better

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Apple Soufflé with Toffee Sauce

Souffles are a classic dinner party staple. They never fail to impress, but always seem like they would be too tricky to make. Well this recipe couldn't be easier. The soufflé itself only contains four ingredients and is the perfect end to any heavy meal. The toffee sauce adds a sweetness to this otherwise tart dessert.

For the Soufflé:

2-4 cooking apples (depending on size)
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
4 egg whites
3 tablespoons of caster sugar

For the Toffee Sauce:

300ml double cream
85g butter
100g brown sugar

To make the apple puree for the soufflé, peel and cut the apples and place in a pan with the brown sugar over a medium heat. Leave until they have softened into a mush and then sieve whilst still warm. Then leave to cool.
    To make the meringue whisk the egg whites until foam-like and then add the sugar. Whisk until stiff peaks and the fold through 200g of the cooled puree. Place the soufflés into ramekins lined with butter and caster sugar. Bake at 180 degrees C for about 15 minutes, or until the soufflés have risen.
    To make the sauce, heat all the ingredients in a sauce pan on a medium heat until it starts to bubble.
When the soufflés come out of the oven, dust with icing sugar and serve immediately with the sauce.

Blackberries- Two ways

Blackberries are the ultimate autumn pudding staple. I always seem to have a stash clogging up my freezer. Here are two exciting ways to include them in your baking. And there’s not a crumble in sight.

You will need:

For the jam- 200g blackberries
                        100g sugar

For the rice pudding- 60g of pudding rice (you can also use risotto rice)
                                         1 pint of milk
                                         50g of sugar
                                      1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (or the seeds from a vanilla pod)
                                           A knob of butter

For the meringue- 4 egg whites
                                    200g of sugar
                                    a teaspoon of cornflour

To make the jam, place the blackberries and the sugar in a pan on a medium- low heat. Leave for about half an hour (you don’t want any whole blackberries left), stirring occasionally. Sieve the jam and leave to cool.

To make the rice pudding, heat the milk with the butter, sugar and vanilla, until the butter melts. Scatter the rice into a pie dish and cover with the milk mixture. Bake at 150 degrees C for about 40 minutes. You will need to stir the pudding around four times throughout the cooking process to stop the rice sticking.
   Unlike a stove- top version, this baked rice pudding will feel slightly more set, but still creamy and delicious.
    When cooked, ripple through the blackberry jam and serve.

The left-overs are delicious re-heated with some white chocolate chips. Simply microwave for a minute.

To make the meringue, whisk the egg whites (you can use a hand held mixer, a freestanding mixture or do it by hand if you are feeling strong) until soft peaks. Still beating, add the sugar slowly (in about four goes) and add the cornflour with the last lot of sugar. Beat until stiff peaks, or until you can turn the bowl upside down. Gently ripple in the jam with a metal spoon.
    You can either pipe your meringues into big circles and small ‘kisses’ (like I have done) or you could smooth it into a large circle to make a pavlova.
    Bake at 130 degrees C for about an hour and a half, I would check them every thirty minutes or so. They are ready when they feel hard on the outside and come easily off the baking paper.

   Serve with cream and fresh fruit, or bag up ‘kisses’ to make unique gifts.