Bread and Better

Bread and Better

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Chocolate Cake

My next door neighbour had organised a charity event and asked if I would make a 'spectacular' cake that they could auction off. My cake decorating has never been amazing so when people use the word 'spectacular' it always worries me. Using seasonal fresh fruit is always an easy yet effective way to make a cake look good, but as I wasn't sure about how the cake was going to be stored I decided that chocolate was a safer option.
    I decided to double my usual chocolate sponge recipe to make a four layered cake and then covered that in a chocolate buttercream (700g icing sugar, 400g butter, 100g melted dark chocolate and a dash of milk creamed together). After the buttercream had set I made a chocolate ganache using 250ml of double cream and 250g of dark chocolate (I tend to use Green and Black's). To make the ganache I heated the cream (not until boiling point) and then poured it into a bowl with the chocolate in, gave it a good whisk to combine and melt the chocolate and left to cool. I have to say though that you shouldn't really put the ganache in the fridge to cool as it will loose its shine. I did this as I was short on time, which is why my cake didn't look as beautifully glossy as it should have done.
   To finish the cake I added edible gold starts, chocolate curls (which I made using a vegetable peeler and a bar of dark chocolate) and edible glitter.
    I hope whoever won the cake enjoyed it!

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