Bread and Better

Bread and Better

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Chocolate and Salted Butter Caramel Cake

Salted caramels seem to be everywhere these days, and as a fan of anything with salt on, this is one food trend I am not going to complain about.
   I saw Eric Lanlard make this cake at the cake and bake show. It was one of those things that I knew I wanted to try and make as soon as I got the chance, it just looked so amazingly delicious.
   I am not usually a massive fan of chocolate cakes, as I find some chocolate sponges don't taste as richly chocolaty as I would like, but instead of coco powder,  this recipe uses melted chocolate which tends to create more of an indulgent taste.
   For this cake you make the caramel first and then freeze it, so that when the cake is baked it stays quite firm. This is supposed to create amazing layers when you cut into the cake, but as I was quite impatient and didn't let it cool properly, my layers of caramel sort of merged into each other. I can't say I cared to much though as it still tasted good!
Happy baking

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