Bread and Better

Bread and Better

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Carrot and Orange Cake and Coffee and Walnut Cake

One of my mum's work friends is having a family get-together and she kindly asked if I would make these two classic cakes for her.
    Carrot cake is defiantly one of my all time favourites, although I never seem to enjoy the ones I have made as much as other ones I've had!
    Both recipes I have used here come from the Primrose Bakery book ( As I have probably said before, the Primrose Bakery is one of my favourite cake shops and I always try and pop in when I am in London. The last treat I had from there was a carrot cake muffin (so it probably was made from the same recipe I have used here) and it was delicious.
    Normally I would decorate the carrot cake with mini white chocolate carrots. However, I didn't have any so I decided to sprinkle over some left over orange zest as I had used it in both the icing and the cake (and its always good to remind people of flavours you have used in the cake).
   I just hope my mum's friend enjoys them!
   Happy Baking.

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